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Economic model

Here are some ideas to generate revenue and an economic model using fandoms in the entertainment industry.
  1. 1.
    Goods sales: You can create a goods sales model that leverages the fandom. For this, coins that fans can purchase can be issued, and these coins can be used to buy merchandise.
  2. 2.
    Concert voting: A system can be established whereby fans can select songs for artists to sing during concerts. To achieve this, EnterDapp can issue fandom tokens, allowing only token holders to vote. The blockchain technology behind EnterDapp can secure and maintain the integrity of the voting process, with the results being recorded on a distributed ledger. This enables the evolution of idol stage performances to better align with fan preferences.
  3. 3.
    Fandom community: A significant benefit of the Enter-dapp token is that it can help to bring together and cultivate loyal fans by creating a space/platform for them to communicate and interact with one another. A system can be established where fans can share their opinions, experiences or suggestions about their favorite artists, creating a sense of community around music and entertainment. To enable this, Enter-dapp can issue coins that fans can use to join, and these tokens can be used to access exclusive community features. Additionally, using the blockchain technology, this platform can provide secure transaction processing to both protect the users and ensure the transparency of the transactions made. With Enter-dapp, fans will have more opportunities than ever before to connect with likeminded individuals who also share a passion for their favorite music stars, leading to a growing and closely-knit community that provides an engaging, positive and fun environment for fans to enjoy.
  4. 4.
    Production and distribution of fandom content: Content can be created specifically for fandoms, and a system for fans to purchase this content can be established. To do this, a coin that can be used to purchase content can be issued.