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Use of tokens

EnterDapp Token (ENT) is the main currency used in the EnterDapp exchange, which facilitates transactions between different fandom tokens. This means that ENT is used as a base currency for trading fandom tokens such as BTS fandom tokens. For example, when buying and selling BTS fandom tokens on the EnterDapp exchange, fans will trade their ENT coins for these tokens.
It is worth noting that each fandom token has its own ENT pairing specifically tailored to it by EnterDapp. This feature allows fans to purchase their favorite idol's fandom tokens using ENT coins. Therefore, they need to hold ENT tokens to trade any fandom token on the EnterDapp exchange.
Fans who own these fandom tokens can trade them with other fans and earn money if the tokens' value increases over time. Moreover, EnterDapp offers robust security features by utilizing blockchain technology, which ensures that all transactions are secure, transparent and cannot be manipulated.
Token's example