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Future development direction

EnterDapp is a blockchain-based platform that aims to contribute to the entertainment industry by creating a unique ecosystem where artists and their fans can interact more effectively. The EnterDapp Tokens are digital assets that users can use to access various features of the platform, such as the virtual currency exchange for trading fandom tokens or joining the Fandom community to communicate with other fans.
EnterDapp Tokens are based on the CoreDao blockchain technology and are stored on a distributed ledger, which ensures security and transparency without the centralization of management. These tokens can be automatically issued and transferred through smart contracts based on specific conditions, making transactions between users quick and efficient.
In the future, EnterDapp plans to launch its coin through a hard fork utilizing the CoreDao blockchain open source. This will allow EnterDapp to have its independent blockchain, which can support more complex operations and improve transaction speed.
Initially, EnterDapp will focus on its virtual currency exchange, where users can trade fandom tokens. By partnering with different fan clubs, EnterDapp also plans to list fandom tokens resulting in maximized profits. Moreover, the platform aims to integrate NFTs and develop an NFT marketplace where rare merchandise and exclusive contents from artists can be traded safely and transparently. With a long-term goal of expanding beyond just fandom tokens, EnterDapp intends to develop into an online shopping mall where users can buy all types of goods using EnterDapp coins as payment.
In summary, with its innovative technology and vision, EnterDapp aims to create an all-inclusive ecosystem that could revolutionize the way fans engage with artists and their content while ensuring secure and transparent transactions between them.