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CoreDAO blockchain uses various security technologies to ensure the safety of the blockchain. EnterDapp is a secure Dapp that utilizes the security of CoreDAO.
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    Public key encryption: CoreDAO blockchain uses public key encryption. Each CoreDAO account has a public key and a private key, and only the user holds the private key. This public key encryption is used to maintain the security of the account.
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    Hash function: CoreDAO blockchain uses hash functions. These hash functions are used to calculate the hash value of blocks and verify the validity of blocks.
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    Dual signature: CoreDAO blockchain uses a dual signature method. When executing a transaction, two signatures are required, which strengthens account security.
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    Smart contract verification: Smart contracts in CoreDAO blockchain must be verified before execution. This enhances the security of smart contracts and prevents errors and bugs in advance.
Through these security technologies, CoreDAO blockchain operates safely and maintains the security of users.