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Innovative Platform

An innovative platform connecting the entertainment industry and fans: EnterDapp
It will be a new platform that connects fans and artists in the entertainment industry. ENTER DApp is a platform centered on singers, actors, and entertainers in the entertainment industry. It functions and plays the same role as tokens (Chiliz) of similar services, but Chiliz Token is specialized for sports, and EnterDapp is for entertainment. are specialized.
A unique platform that connects fans and artists
EnterDApp provides an environment where fans and artists can directly communicate and interact. Through this platform, fans can communicate with their favorite artists in various ways, and artists can increase their popularity by interacting with fans.
Providing a unique experience through NFT
EnterDApp leverages NFTs from the entertainment industry to provide a unique experience for fans. Artists sell various contents such as their music, videos, and photos in the form of NFTs, and fans can own valuable items by purchasing them.
Stimulating the economy through cryptocurrency
EnterDApp introduces its own cryptocurrency, ENT Token, to support fans and artists to engage in economic activities within the platform. Fans can purchase the artist's content or participate in a special experience with the artist through ENT Token.